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Audio Balboa
Achievements 19 of 17 complete
Ninjutsu 138 times
Stealth Adept 150 times
Stealth Adept
Stealth Master 3 times
Stealth Master
Stealth Legend 2 times
Stealth Legend
Ambush 6 times
Big Kahuna 320232 times
Big Kahuna
Brutus 372 times
Royal Ride 16114 times
Royal Ride
Stainless 3938 times
PPM 10000 13938 times
PPM 10000
PPM 30000 13699 times
PPM 30000
Laser Show 39400 times
Laser Show
Snowstorm 68 times
Spotlight Finish 1407 times
Spotlight Finish
Bauer 11407 times
Olympian 14805 times
Bizarro 3 times
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Limon89&LPO50: "Hey. We were advised to turn to you. Why do so few points we collect? What is the catch of the game? 1. It is necessary to keep the Chain 2. Collect warmer colors 3. Linking the midline of the same color We do this And you can take the new color when the flashing blocks and filled? That is to shoot them down, without waiting for when they leave themselves? How many multiplications Chain? It is blue, red .... 30 ?? Sorry, bad english"
XenoRizos: "a-nus"
fuzz_head: "Possibly, but keep the throne - that song was a big hit in Europe so it fits you more. :)"
PsYKoTx: "STAAHHHHPPPP!!!P!P!P!P! I don't like getting dethrone e-mails ...D:"
R4ND0MD3RPUZ3R: "Where is the 2,200,000+ ?"
SurfinOnBeatzzz: "Willkommen in meiner kleinen Gemeinde! "
Tibbze: "Love your new avatar, its so serious "beware the balboa or else anus destroying incl.""
Nicolas-1223: "I see you on the top scores every day, though. You're a very formidable player :) I'm from the US, by the way. Been playing this game since 2011, but I just got back into it in early 2014 and have been playing consistently ever since. Back in 2011 I sucked though, lol."
fuzz_head: "lol, yes, beware the fuzz!...and the police. :P"
fuzz_head: "2k skill rating with pointman elite. eh, only took me a couple years to do that; you - several weeks. *sigh* :-)"
Flav606: "You need bigger gloves!"
fuzz_head: "Hey, thanks for the add. If we cross paths on a song, be merciful & don't use DV. Haha."
saddysally: "Hail to the audio stallion!"
EclipseTHUNDER: "German Warrior!!!"
XenoRizos: "best newcomer 2013 - that guy has 4 eyes and rap-es everyone dry in an-us (+ no mercy)"
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