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Achievements 11 of 17 complete
Ninjutsu 0 times
Stealth Adept 0 times
Stealth Adept
Stealth Master 0 times
Stealth Master
Stealth Legend 0 times
Stealth Legend
Ambush 0 times
Big Kahuna 24708 times
Big Kahuna
Brutus 20 times
Royal Ride 1152 times
Royal Ride
Stainless 65 times
PPM 10000 174 times
PPM 10000
PPM 30000 1092 times
PPM 30000
Laser Show 7321 times
Laser Show
Snowstorm 4 times
Spotlight Finish 67 times
Spotlight Finish
Bauer 1444 times
Olympian 1087 times
Bizarro 0 times
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Tibbze: "nice i see you are up for some challenge bro. :-) i wont let you go that easily ;-) btw where did you downloaded the albums? we might have different versions :-/ cheers "
Audio Balboa: ""
Limon89&LPO50: " "
Limon89&LPO50: "Audio Balboa, matches - when it blocks flash and disappear ??"
Limon89&LPO50: "Audio Balboa, this in order to gain faster multiplication chain???? Sorry.bad Eng))"
Audio Balboa: "example: on a 5 minute song, try to make as many matches as possible within the first minute (even small matches, but it's important to do it as fast as possible, so that the chain grows) - after that start making big matches"
Audio Balboa: "and never lose the chain^^"
Audio Balboa: "sorry, i just understand nothing :) but if you want to get better or reach higher scores, just collect more warm colors and try to make 100 matches asap"
Limon89&LPO50: "Tibbze, Thanks!!! There are two of us. we are from Russia"
Tibbze: "Ure doing it right I guess. Ure chaining good aswell, u have to play just like on Under Black Sails by FA. Good amount of points/cluster and chain hold. Are u guys brothers? I guess its harder playing duo than solo. I learnt many things from Audio Balboa / Tvaxx and Sovirocha at some point. Those guys can give you very good advices if you ask them. Im inactive atm. Barelly using pc."
Limon89&LPO50: "we are not properly collected when the blocks are flashing - we bring them down. Is this correct? How to collect? We are from Russia and do not understand the instructions for the game Audiosurf"
Tibbze: "dont really understand your question mate, but im afraid cant realy help atm. my pc died. im afk since 2 months. "
Limon89&LPO50: "We don't know how to play. How to collect colors??? Can you knock down the flashing blocks??"
Tibbze: "U have a wierd DVE playstyle. Nice chaining skills"
Audio Balboa: ""
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