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Achievements 19 of 17 complete
Ninjutsu 950 times
Stealth Adept 1237 times
Stealth Adept
Stealth Master 108 times
Stealth Master
Stealth Legend 13 times
Stealth Legend
Ambush 67 times
Big Kahuna 130723 times
Big Kahuna
Brutus 1166 times
Royal Ride 101473 times
Royal Ride
Stainless 28156 times
PPM 10000 36984 times
PPM 10000
PPM 30000 71258 times
PPM 30000
Laser Show 45751 times
Laser Show
Snowstorm 445 times
Spotlight Finish 2094 times
Spotlight Finish
Bauer 1160 times
Olympian 86777 times
Bizarro 68 times
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lancerhawk: "Good to see some pro players still around on the game. Cheers!"
Nicolas-1223: "Audiosurf's back!!! Time to get to the mass surfing catch-up, lol. I'm sure you have a lot you want to surf to as well, huh?"
Nicolas-1223: "Oh, and welcome back from your cruise! :)"
Audio Balboa: "sorry man, but I'm sure you can beat that easily - score is 4 years old"
Nicolas-1223: "In terms of skill rating, you mean? :)"
Nicolas-1223: "Oh wow, I just now noticed my comment on Frankenstein! I don't even remember commenting on that recently. That must have been from 2012 or so."
Nicolas-1223: "Haha yes, very much so! We have different versions though, yours is the single version."
Audio Balboa: "https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JH82M9Uce_k"
mondo beyondo: "I'm back. I needed a new computer. Now I'm trying to reclaim the thrones that you and Nicolas have taken. Not a small challenge."
cs188: "Haha, ah probably no royalties for me, because everything I've made is pieced together from something someone else owns. :P"
cs188: "Hey man I'm looking for a song, maybe you know where I can get it. It goes "Triple check check! Double check, triple check!" I think it's by Otis King."
Audio Balboa: "Thanks mate, just want to keep up with you guys ;)"
Audio Balboa: "I think my double vision skills were pretty helpful, but I also watched so many Pointman videos in the last 2 weeks, even while sleeping I dreamed of piling. Well - I'm nerd!^^"
Audio Balboa: "Hi , haha well don't worry. I have biggest respect for you and your skill - hopefully one day I can handle pointman as good as you do ;)"
Flav606: "Eraser would be my most played... can't say it's my favorite anymore tho. :)"
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