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Achievements 19 of 17 complete
Ninjutsu 39 times
Stealth Adept 275 times
Stealth Adept
Stealth Master 4 times
Stealth Master
Stealth Legend 11 times
Stealth Legend
Ambush 78 times
Big Kahuna 30080 times
Big Kahuna
Brutus 1001 times
Royal Ride 22002 times
Royal Ride
Stainless 5262 times
PPM 10000 13040 times
PPM 10000
PPM 30000 14750 times
PPM 30000
Laser Show 9776 times
Laser Show
Snowstorm 109 times
Spotlight Finish 542 times
Spotlight Finish
Bauer 1298 times
Olympian 16983 times
Bizarro 11 times
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Mois :*: "Toje :D"
Mois :*: "Ur too :) Where are you from? "
Sir Mullich: "With great play and a little bit of luck you might :] Just hope that you wouldn't make a sizeable upset when you win it back, I recall when you retook Nowhere Ride by Chelsea Smiles from me while beating me by 142770 points, that was pretty traumatizing. Anyway, have fun and good luck!"
Sp_each: "mimimi :3"
AivanaBG: "my steam is the same name like here u can add me :)"
AivanaBG: "lol that would make u very mad , maybe dve it's not your play style ,eraser makes good scores too "
AivanaBG: "once u start playing dve u can't stop , when i try it i forget about eraser , just need little time to change thinking from other ships to dve :)"
AivanaBG: "hey u have nice taste for music , it's very nice to see gothic ppl in audiosurf :) "
[psylocke]: "yea, let's try on "Bardo Pond - Undone". Twenty-one minute song will destroy your skill, i'm sure =D"
lefuq: "i will not : P"
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716 plays
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380 plays
Eraser Elite
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Ninja Mono
187 plays
158 plays
Pusher Elite
123 plays
105 plays
Double Vision
102 plays
101 plays
Double Vision Elite
60 plays
42 plays
Pointman Pro
32 plays
Mono Pro
16 plays
4 plays
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