-- February 13th, 2023 --

Updated! Separate Audiosurf accounts are no longer necessary.

Portal mode has been fixed as well.

Thanks for playing! Please let me know in a steam community discussion if you have any problems.


-- January 9th, 2023 --

Coming Soon: Steam-based logins!

The Audiosurf leaderboards will soon switch to using Steam for automatic logins instead of separate Audiosurf accounts. Your old scores will be there and you may not even notice the change.

Individual game accounts feel outdated to me and it's time to get rid of them. Coming back to Audiosurf on a new machine (perhaps a Steam Deck) will feel much nicer this way.

Audiosurf accounts that have not ever been played from Steam will be removed, including all of their scores, so now is the time to play Audiosurf on Steam in order to keep any remaining legacy scores.

The audio-surf.com website leaderboards will be retired when this change is complete, which will likely be near the end of this month.